Tailormade solutions, reliably and on schedule.

Software Development

Modern Online Applications

We develop easy to use, responsive online services and applications which can in many cases be updated in real time!
In addition, we are able to give consultation when choosing servers or cloud services. We do not leave you hanging!

Applications for different industries

We design, develop and produce applications of different sizes for different industries. We have produced a complete insurance production system, option and future agreement management system and online customer portals. Data protection is one of our key skills as we work closely with multiple Banking Groups and Insurance Companies.

Software and Database conversions

Multibase has multiple years worth of experience in demanding conversions. Each case is unique, which has given us the privilege to work in many different environments: ASCII-export, Paradox, Btrieve / Pervasive, Dbase, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Solid, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, BRS/Search.


We help fulfilling all sorts of reporting needs, from internal to more demanding extensive entities, for example reporting to authorities. In addition to developing the reporting we can also run ongoing production.

And as we know our client’s industries, we develop reporting not only technically, but also to meet our client´s future needs, proactively.


Whether it is pointing out unefficient processes, problems with systems or developing new systems, the core of our business is to produce value to our clients, always.

Some of our strong suits:

  • Reporting systems and reporting
  • Designing and developing databases
  • Modern online applications
  • .NET applications
  • Managing large datasets (batch processing)

We also have experience in:

  • IT-support, Active Directory management
  • IT infrastructure diagramming
  • Source code analysis
  • Software risk analysis
  • Microsoft Access software development