OTSO – follow-up system for educational institutions

The system has been developed to work in co-operation with the Novo WinhaPro student and education data system. Integrated to Otso is a safe, one-way retrieval system from Winha for information on education and teachers and a local database of its own.

A student and education data system

The actual educational tasks are inserted to Winha from where they’ll be automatically or manually copied to Otso. Directional and other tasks are inserted to Otso, where they’re also maintained.

From the system can also be printed, among others, teacher-specific work plans and an hour sum report, alarm report and a work category report. A joint to a bookkeeping system (e.g. WinTime) has also been built to Otso.


Otso has been developed for the SQL Server environment as a multi-user network version. The program, including its source code, is completely open. Thus, it makes deliberate expansion, local maintenance and the addition of e.g. new reports possible.

We also make SQL- inquiries to Winha system.