Database and software conversion

Has a database maintained in Excel sheets become too complicated due to growth of the material or change of the environment?

We have years of experience in advanced database and software conversions

Are you switching the supplier of your package system? How does one arrange the reliable transfer of old data into a new system?

How do you transfer data between package applications during a conversion when a part of the files are on the mainframe and a part are on a local database? We have years of experience from advanced database and software conversions.

We have implemented the conversions according to the needs of the customer in, among others, the following environments: ASCII-export, Paradox, Dbase, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Solid, Sybase, DB2, BRS/Search.

Some examples

  • Character-based sequential files
  • Totally sealed, supplier-specific stand-alone systems
  • Excel sheets and Word address directories
  • Relational database conversions of package systems

A Case

The problem
package system that had no export functions

The solution

  • First we printed the material with reports into ASCII files
  • Then we built a filter that separated the actual material from the files
  • Finally, we transferred the material in its correct form into the Sybase database of the new system